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        Pernod              50ml      3.25

        Pimm’s              50ml      3.5

        Campari            50ml      4.25


Martini Dry, Rosso and Bianco, Dubonnet                    100ml    4          

Sherry    100ml


Fino, Manzanilla, Oloroso                                                                  3.75

Pedro Ximinez                                                                                        4.25

Kir    175ml

Muscadet Sur Lie, Château de la Bigotiere                                 8.50

Prosecco, Tallero, Treviso                                                                 9.50

Gewurtztraminer, Hugel, Alsace.        France, 2015                  100ml     6.25      


WHITE WINE, by the glass and bottle


  1. Vinem, Carinena. (d) Spain, 2018

 glass,    175ml  5.25,   250ml  7.5                                                                        B.  19.75

Fresh unoaked Chardonnay blend, dry, crisp, full flavoured and fruity.


  1. De Canal, Pinot Grigio. (m/d) Italy, 2018

 glass,    175ml  5.5,   250ml  7.75                                                                        B.  21.5

Fruity and aromatic, this deliciously crisp, light and zingy wine shows refreshing apricot fruit flavours.


  1. Third Generation Chardonnay, Nugen Estate, SA. (m/d) Australia, 2018

 glass,    175ml   6.25 250ml  8.25                                                                     B.  24

Just a hint of oak with this distinctive wine bursting with superb fruit.


  1. Muscadet Sur Lie, Château de la Bigotiere. (d) France, 2018

 glass,    175ml  6.75,   250ml  8.75                                                                      B.  25.5

This region poduces the best of sauvignon grape wines. This is bone dry with just a hint of apple. Deliciously fresh and rounded.


  1. 5. Custoza, Val dei Molini. (m/d)    Italy, 2018                                             

 glass,    175ml   7,   250ml   9.5                                                                           B.  27

Delicious medium bodied dry white from the Sommacampagna region of Italy. This zingy wine has great depth and acidity with overtones of melon and lime.


  1. 6. Woodchester Valley, Culver Hill, Cotswolds. (d) UK, 2018

 glass,    175ml  7.5,   250ml   9.75                                                                     B.  28.5

A blend of Bacchus, Ortega and Seyval with notes of refreshing citrus and green fruits and a hint of minerality. (Vegan)


  1. 7. Walt, Reisling, Pfalz. (m) Germany, 2017

 glass,    175ml  7.75,   250ml   10.25                                                                  B.  29.5

Pure German Reisling, no oak just a vibrant natural fruit sweetness backed up with some lively grapefruit and lime.


  1. 8. Opawa, Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough. (d) New Zealand, 2018

 glass,    175ml   7.75,   250ml   10.25                                                                 B.  29.5

Lovely, fresh gooseberry Sauvignon from one of the best producers in Marlborough.


WHITE WINE, by the bottle

  1. 9. Pinot Gris, Philippe Gocker, Alsace. (m/d)        France, 2018                    B. 29.5

Brilliant wine from Alsace in France – medium dry with lots of lucious fruit.


  1. Woodchester Valley, Orpheus Bacchus, Cotswolds. (d) UK, 2017     B.  32                                       Full bodied 100% Bacchus, highly aromatic with intense elderflower and lychee fruits. (Vegan)


  1. Pouilly Fumé, André Dezat et Fils, Domaine Thibault. (d) France, 2018                                                                                                                                                       B.  34.5                                                                                                                             

This empressive of sauvignon blanc combines grassy, stony, citrus fruit with some pear and very fine green hints. The Dezat family can trace its roots back as far as 1550 and is oe of the oldest producers in Sancerre.


  1. Hautes Cotes de Beaune, Le Montbattois, Domain Dubois, Burgundy. (d)                                                                                                                                  France, 2013             B.  34.5                                                 

This wine has a firmness, tempered by the softness of Chardonnay. Its structure is both elegant and strong thanks to the lodging in new oak barrels. The first nose is citrus fruit and apples to evolve to honey and toasted nuts.


  1. Montagny, 1er Cru, Bouchard Pere & Fils Burgundy. France, 2017    B.  37.5                                           Smoky and elegant this wine is a favourite amongst fans of mineral-rich white Burgundy.


  1. Chablis, Le Verger, Alain Geoffroy, Burgundy. (d) France, 2018         B.  40

Everything you would want from a Chablis, clean and crisp, laced with flavour, minerality and a sandlewood scent that separates it from a mere chardonnay.


  1. Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru, Les Petits Clos. (d) France, 2017      B.  75

Rich and loaded with notes of apple, acacia blossoms, pears and citrus, all wrapped in a core of wonderful minerality. Made from 70-100 year old vines, this Morgeot Vieilles Vignes comes from the prized, limestone-rich “Vignes Blanches” portion of Morgeot, making it a perennial favorite of Burgundy enthusiasts.


ROSE, by the glass and bottle


  1. Guillaume Aurèle, Pays D’Oc. (d) France, 2018                

 glass,    175ml  5.5,   250ml  7.75                                                                       B.  22.5

Light in colour with notes of red fruit, black currant, raspberry and long lingering aromas of white flowers and cherry.


  1. 17. Chateau Paquette, Provence. France, 2017                                                                                    glass,    175ml   6.75,   250ml   9.5                                                                    B.  27                                                A rose of pure finesse, intense yet fresh with plenty of fruit.


SPARKLING, by the glass and bottle


  1. 18. Prosecco, Tallero, Treviso.        Italy                                                                                                                       glass,   175ml  7,     Kir Royale  9.5                                                                  B.  27.5

Fruity, light and bubbly! Notes of citrus and apple.


  1. 19. Langham, Classic Cuvée Brut. UK, 2016

 glass,   175ml    9.5                                                                                             B.  38.5

Made in Dorset using the three classic Champagne varieties, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. A luxurious wine with aromas of red apple, brioche and poached pear.


  1. 20. Langham, Rosé Brut.         UK, 2016                    

 glass,   175ml   9.5                                                                                              B.  38.5

Aroma of strawberries and cream and a hint of citrus with flavours of red fruits.


CHAMPAGNE, by the bottle


  1. Ruffin N.V. France                                                                                 B.  45

This well-known small producer makes a lovely more fuller flavoured Champagne.  


  1. Taittinger, Brut Reserve N.V. France                                             B.  62


  1. Henriot, Brut Souverain N.V. France                                                 B. 67

An unusual proportion of chardonnay gives this cuvee an original and racy profile, full of elegance, lightness and finesse, just as pleasant as an aperitif as throughout an entire meal.





Ruffin, N.V.                                                                                                     B.  25.5


Henriot, Brut Souverain, N.V.                                                                B.  37.5


RED WINE, by the glass and bottle


  1. Vinem, Carinena. Spain, 2017

 glass,    175ml  5.25,   250ml  7.5                                                                      B.  19.75

85% garnasha, 15% syrah. Deep purple colour, wild berry youthful notes. Well structured on the palate, rounded, good acidity, mature fruits and sweet tannins.


  1. 25. Montepulciano D’Abruzzo, DOCG Vandemmia. East Central Italy, 2017

 glass,    175ml   5.5,   250ml   7.75                                                                    B.  21.5

Produced from Montepulciano grape in the central region around Pescara. Deep plum colour with spicy aromas. Medium bodied with a full finish.


  1. Carta Vieja, Merlot. Chile, 2018                                                                                                                     glass,    175ml   5.5,   250ml   7.75                                                           B.  21.5

On the nose rich notes of plum and blackberries lifted by Chocolate and Mocha. Silky yet structured with concentrated fruit flavours.

  1. 27. Third Generation Shiraz, Nugan Estate, SA. Australia, 2016

 glass,    175ml   6.25,   250ml  8.25                                                                  B.  24

A family owned estate operated by the Nugan family for more than 70 years. Aged in oak for  several months, this  superb Aussie Shiraz has masses of juicy blackcurrant fruit and a charismatic, smooth, spicy and peppery finish.


  1. L’Excellence de Saint-Laurent, Saint Chinian. France  2018                                                             glass,    175ml   6.25,   250ml   8.5                                                                  B.  24.5

Easy drinking medium bodied blend of Syrah, Grenache and Black Carignan.


  1. Chateau Tour de Luchey, Bordeaux. France, 2017                                             

glass,    175ml   6.25,   250ml   8.5                                                                  B.  24.5

So many of the ‘cheaper ‘ clarets are tannic and a wee bit thin. Not this one, round and full of fruit. Another good find from Panton’s.


  1. 30. Ugarte Cosecha, Rioja. Spain, 2016

  glass,    175ml   6.5,   250ml  9.25                                                                   B.  26.5

Cosecha is the basic grade for Rioja’s and this renowned red wine from Spain shows excellent depth and body.


RED WINE, by the bottle


  1. 31. Lamura, Nero D’Avola,         Italy, 2018                                         B.  27.5

This dry, medium-bodied and fruity organic red displays a simple and medium nose. On the palate, its lively acidity, smooth tannins, and broad texture precede a medium finish.


  1. Ugarte, Crianza, Rioja. Spain, 2015                                                     B.  35.5

An estate bottled Crianza (2nd grade) from a old established vineyard. Great depth and character and will satisfy all lovers of this fine red wine from Cantabria in the north of Spain.

  1. Brouilly, Domaine de Chateua de la Vallette, Jean Pierre Crispin, Beaujolais. France, 2014                                                                                                         B.  36                                                                                      From the heart of Beaujolais. This is an intense ruby red wine has clean red fruit flavours and refined, silky tannins. Gold Medal, Concours Général Agricole, Paris 2015.


  1. 34. Tiki Estate Pinot Noir, Otago. New Zealand, 2018                         B.   37.5

Named after a hand carved Maori treasure which bestows good fortune and love on others! Flavours of black cherries, wild herbs, dark plums and vanilla spice will make this a memorable wine.


  1. 35. The Cigar, Yalumba Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia 2014                                                                                                                           B.  40

The name reflects the shape of the vineyard!  Deep mellow tones of ripe fruit with a unique finish. Australia’s oldest  family owned vineyard.


  1. Massaya, Bekaa Valley.        Lebanon, 2015                                             B.  42.5

Two nations – one wine. French wine makers in Lebanon blend Grenache, Cinsault, Cabernet sauvignon and Mourverde to produce a classic red wine.


  1. Clos du Val, Zinfandel, California. USA, 2015                                   B.  46.5

This Zinfandel is as good as ever. Tobacco and pepper aromas are flushed out on the palate by colour, texture and ripe fruit concentration.


  1. Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Chateau Fargueirol, Rhone. France, 2015       B.  46.5                             

A Rhone classic without a doubt. 60% grenache, 15% syrah, 10% mourverde and cinsault make this high quality traditional Châteauneuf.


  1. 39. Ripassa Superiore Valpolicella Classico, Zenato. Italy, 2015            B.  47.5

One of the great reds of the world. The fruity bouquet shows black cherries and prunes, as well as a hint of sweet spice. Full bodied and rich, the palate follows the nose.


  1. Urbina, Rioja Gran Reserva. Spain, 2004                                           B.  55                                                   

This top grade Rioja’s will not disappoint.


  1. Clos du Clocher, Pomerol. France, 2012                                       B.  85

A firm nose, fine fruit, presented in a reserved style – good body on the palate and very appealing, fresh, lively flavours with some delicious dark fruit.


FINE RED WINE, by the bottle                                                                    


Cortaccio, Villa Carfaggio, Tuscany.        Italy, 2000/2005                          B. 78/70


Old vine Tuscan red! The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are the last to be picked on the estate, at the very peak of maturity. The wine is aged for approximately 18 months in French oak barriques and at least 6 months in the bottle, leading to the creation of a beautifully structured and balanced  wine. The Villa Cafaggio Cortaccio is a wine of extraordinary quality with a garnet colour, an intense aroma reminiscent of blackcurrants and a perfectly blended roasted character. The palate is concentrated, with extremely well balanced tannins and the finish is immense


Châteauneuf du Pape, Domaine de Villeneuve.         France, 2009                 B.  80


Domaine de Villeneuve is one of the leading lights of Châteauneuf du Pape, with a reputation for producing age worthy wines with a higher than average proportion of Mourvèdre and, to a lesser extent, Syrah and Counoise. Just a whiff of herbs and spice one the nose. It is gorgeously full and ripe on the palate, with firm, spicy tannins. Very clean, chunky and dense.


Charmes de Kirwan, Margaux.      France, 2015                                          B.  90


A blend of 27%  Cabernet Sauvignon, 53% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc and 10% Petit Verdot. The wine has a brilliant ruby red colour. Its nose offers elegant notes of cherry and red and blackcurrant with a touch of cigar box. A fresh and lively quality initially on the palate, gives way to a creamy finish with lovely spiced scents.


Château Langoa Barton, Saint-Julien, Bordeaux.        France, 2009            B.  125                            


Deep explosive aromas of plum, blackberry, dark chocolate, violet and oak. Complex texture and impressive supple tannins make for good balance.




Chablis, Le Verger, Alain Geoffroy, Burgundy. (d)        France, 2017           B.  20

Chardonnay grape as its best.


Pouilly Fumé , Montée Des Lumeaux, Domaine Raimbault . (d)    France, 2017                                                                                                                                                                B.  23                                                                                                                            

Full bodied dry and fruity wine with trademark Pouilly minerality!




Valpolicella Superiore, Zenato.         Italy, 2017                                               B.  17.5


Domaine de la Madone, Fleurie.        France, 2016                                          B.  18.5                                   


Chateau Caronne Ste Gemme, Cru Bourgeois, Haut- Medoc, Bordeaux.                 

                                                                                                         France, 2011           B.  20.5


DESSERT WINE, by the glass and bottle 


Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, Perrin & Fils,  Rhone.        France, 2015                                               glass   100ml   6.5   


Chateau Ladesvignes, Montbazilliac, Bergerac.        France, 2015                   

glass,  100ml   6.5                                                                                 375ml   B.  23


Californian Orange Muscat.        USA, 2016                                                                                                        glass,  100ml   7.75                                                                               375ml   B.  28.5

A delicious late harvest wine made from orange muscat grapes that have been allowed to gather sweetness on the vine in the sun of the late Californian summer.


Chateau Haut Mayne, Sauternes.        France, 2015              375ml   B.  27.5